Home School Support Group

What is a Home School Support Group?

Is an avenue for fellowship, support, information and encouragement for parents who home educate their children. It can offer some or all of the following services:

• Fellowship and Park Day
• Field trips
• Parent and Family Seminars
• Events (Fall Program, Family Day, Graduation, etc.)
• Group classes (Art, Spanish, Physical Education, etc.)
• Any other activities that members would be interested in organizing

This kind of group is usually led by the parents who volunteer to organize any number of the above mentioned activities. Each family pays for their expenses on a pay as you go basis. Those participating divide the expenses for the activities among themselves. Most support groups have a minimal yearly fee that would cover membership, homeschooling insurance and a newsletter listing upcoming activities.

A HSSG does not provide record keeping services and does not file an affidavit (a state of California private school certificate) on behalf of its members. Instead, each member family chooses to file its own affidavit or to file with another established organization. The members are usually considered private school students who study independently and are not enrolled in the same school.

Home School Support Group (K-12)

- Information about homeschooling
- Field Trips
- Classes
- Special events including graduation and promotion
- Fellowship
- ID cards
- Fee: $125 for first child/year + $20/sibling (2022-2023 pricing)

Home School Support Group (Pre-School ONLY)

- Field trips
- Classes
- Special events
- Fellowship
- ID cards
- Fee: $25 per family/year
- Field Trip fee is additional

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